These folks take better food pictures than me

11 ways to take a better food photo on Instagram (NY Times)

I could write up a post about how to get better food photos, but you should really check out this post from the New York Times about how to get better food photos. It’s definitely geared toward the phone-photographer segment, which I suppose is most everyone.

While I’m at it, I have to give a shoutout to one of the best food photographers I know, Daniel Brennan. You seriously need to go check out his stuff, which is definitely more than iPhone food photography:

Daniel Brennan -
Daniel Brennan –

You can check out his work at

And if the phone-photography thing is your thing, you should see how far another friend of mine takes the craft on Instagram through her handle, @kmlpeterson. When we met earlier this year, I swore she had been using some high end gear to do all those beautiful food photos, but – surprise – it was an Android phone all along.

Hope that’s some Tuesday morning inspiration to go make some nice food photos. Or just eat.

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