Guide: Basic photo composition tips

Table of contents: Rule of Thirds | Hotspots | Backlighting | Control your background | Variety | Framing/Unusual Perspectives | Layering | Focal Length | The Moment | A Final Word   This whole photography thing is scaring you, right? Well don’t worry – whether you are using a DSLR or a smartphone camera, the … Continue reading “Guide: Basic photo composition tips”

Screencast Critique: Kevin Durant, Super Bowl 50

As a photojournalism professor, I often grade assignments in screencast form. I don’t usually¬†share my students’ grades online (you know, because of the federal laws and all), but this one, Kevin Durant, went above and beyond and shot the Super Bowl for his sports photo gallery assignment, so I thought it warranted a share¬†Not a … Continue reading “Screencast Critique: Kevin Durant, Super Bowl 50”