One tip and a complete fail: iPhone meets snowblower

So this week I was planning on taking advantage of Snowstorm Jonas to offer some tips on timelapses. I usually like to do this when I’m shoveling and you can see the whole progression of snow cleanup. Actually I didn’t do so bad with that for Snowstorm Hercules in 2014, but I wanted to do it better, and easier. Key on the “easier” part.

So with that in mind, I diligently set my iPhone for the task. I used a mini tripod with a battery pack taped to one of the legs and plugged it into the iPhone (which wasn’t in a case). I taped that whole rig to the mailbox. I used an OlloClip to get a fisheye view of the whole scene. I turned on the Hyperlapse app and picked up my shovel.

And then I saw a landscaper down the street clearing off the neighbor’s driveway and remembered how my back hurt after hours of shoveling last year.

So instead of doing it myself, I paid him some cash on the spot to clear off my driveway with his snowblower. I didn’t remember that my iPhone was still going.

So, instead of timelapse tips, here’s a video of what happens when an iPhone meets the business end of a snowblower.

The iPhone went into a bag of rice immediately after and was fine (rice acts as a dessicant, or something that absorbs water – does this count as a bonus tip?). Clearly it worked, since I was able to post this video.

So …

Tip #1: Put your iPhone in a good, protective case

You don’t want what happened to me to happen to you.

At least having someone clear out the snow left me more time to do this with my son:

Took the son sledding after Snowstorm Jonas.
Took the son sledding after Snowstorm Jonas.

Totally worth it.

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