Guide: Basic photo composition tips

Table of contents: Rule of Thirds | Hotspots | Backlighting | Control your background | Variety | Framing/Unusual Perspectives | Layering | Focal Length | The Moment | A Final Word   This whole photography thing is scaring you, right? Well don’t worry – whether you are using a DSLR or a smartphone camera, the … Continue reading “Guide: Basic photo composition tips”

2015: Year in photos (oh, and welcome to this site!)

In 2011, I started Journographica, a blog dedicated to journalism, visuals, and visual journalism in as many forms as I cared to blog about. It was primarily aimed at my journalism students (I used to teach journalism at Stony Brook University) and it offered buying advice, shooting tips and other news and information on the … Continue reading “2015: Year in photos (oh, and welcome to this site!)”